Mike with a 72 Pound Buffalo from Toledo Bend

Dan with a 66 pound Buffalo from Toledo Bend

Chris, Mike and Jessica with some nice Longnose Gar from Toledo Bend

Some good Grass Carp from the Missouri River

Mike with a 6 6 130 pound Alligator Gar from Toledo Bend

Mike with a 6 Alligator Gar from Toledo Bend

The Bowfishing America rig. It is a WarEagle 1860 LDSV with custom platform. 3500 Watts of light on the front to light up those dark nights. It has a 90 HP Mercury Outboard and a 82 pound thrust 24 V. Motor Guide trolling motor. We use a Garmin GPS/Fish finder for navigating the waters we fish.

Dan with a couple nice Table Rock common carp

Dan with some very nice Missouri River Grassies

Dan with a nice Lake Guntersville Buffalo

Dan with a couple nice Mississippi River Longnose