A little bit about the Bowfishing America crew.

Mike Bommer lives and works in the Metro St. Louis area.† Mike works as a Computer Technician for a small computer company.† Mike has been Bowfishing for over 15 years and is a veteran of many local and national tournaments.† Mike won the Missouri Bowhunters Bowfisherman of the Year in 2000.† Mike also enjoys many other outdoor activities, including 3-D target shooting, Archery hunting for the illusive Whitetail Deer and shed hunting in the early Spring.







Mikeís personal best fish:

52 Lb. Grassie

72 Lb. Buff

6' 6" 130 Lb. Gator Gar

59" 27 Lb. Longnose Gar

26 Lb. Common

25 Lb. Silver

42 Lb. Bighead

Dan Scherer grew up, works, and lives in O'Fallon, Mo. and has been an avid archer and sportsman for many years.  Dan is a maintenance supervisor for Alliance Water Resources which maintains and operates the Sewer, Storm Sewer, and Water systems for the City of O'Fallon.  Although a recent newcomer to the world of bow fishing Dan has gained confidence and accuracy through fishing several tournaments and weekend trips with his partner Mike.  Dan has a 66 pound Toledo Bend Buffalo to his credit and plans to better this in the near future.  Dan is "always ready" to go and shoot fish - hence his nickname "LUNCHMEAT"





Danís personal best fish:

25 Lb. Grassie

66 Lb. Buff

53Ē 22 Lb. Longnose

17 Lb. Common

14 Lb. Silver

18 Lb. Bighead